Therapy Supervision

Working one on one, the supervisee will work with the supervisor to develop skills to provide therapy services to clients. This includes both group work and individual work to offer an account of work completed and to reflect/receive feedback on that work. This type of interaction provides a model for professional development of the new therapist in his/her professional career.


We are looking for a couples and teen therapist to join our practice. Fully Licensed or Associate level. We offer insurance paneling, weekly consult or supervision and much more. Please email for more info

Therapist billing support.

We provide billing support through the use of the Therapynotes software program.

What We Provide:

  • Support in set-up of all client files to insurance companies.
  • Training on use of EDI software for quick billing.
  • On-going support for quick and effective payment to your bank account.
  • Complete billing services for busy therapists.